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A Must Do

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Damage control: The absolute BEST way to diminish baggy under eyes and dark circles.


Once a week: Heat olive oil and honey to boil. cool then comb through your hair. This is supposed to help your hair grow faster and make it super smooth.

For all the pictures you have and no frames to put them in. So neat!

Break a glow stick put in clear nail polish...

Found it online;)

grey and yellow

jewelry organization

cut an old sweater sleeve and use as sock look-a-like without the bunchy-ness in your boot.



These are always a hit and they make a TON. The best part is that the dough has no egg so you can eat your heart out.

So cute!

Polka dot gradient nail art

Section hair into 5-10 big sections then braid each in a loose braid. Run a flatiron over each braid, let them cool down, spray hairspray and undo the braids.


You put water in a bowl and drop random colors of nailpolish in it. then you stir it with a toothpick and put petroleum jelly on your fingers, so that the nail polish only gets on your nails. then you stick your fingers in the bowl.