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Haven't done these in a while... English Love Affair*requested*! Please give Creds to me if you repin!:) xx

They're all so special Some may think when I said special it's because that make our life's better (which is true) But the ones who get it will know these guys have mental problems

Sonix iPhone 5C Case - Retail Packaging - Clear Dot Sonix

"Acca-Scusme? Acca- Believe It." Case by Good Vibe Cases. This case comes in white plastic. If you would like this design in rubber, check out our rubber case listing for the iPhone 4/4S and 5/5S under the tab “SHOP ALL”. Our rubber cases ($16) are only $1 more than plastic cases, and they offer ...

5sos comment what I should post tonight If I post it I'll give you a shoutout

She's not afraid of scary movies, she likes the way we kiss in the dark, but she's so afraid of fa-fa-falling in loooooooooooove!