vinegar salt. Fill a quart yogurt container half full of vinegar, and 1tsp salt. dunk any metal you want to age.

Treasures from the Heart: Rust and Patina How To
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Bejeweled Vintage Rhinestones Chalice Candle

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how to make baskets from recycled plastic bags | How To Make A Basket Out Of Recycled Plastic Bags - Mt Jibbaroo ...

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La chica de la casa de caramelo: DIY: Letra con bombillas



Diy Cool Tapes Lamp | DIY & Crafts Tutorials

Diy Cool Tapes Lamp | Best DIY Ideas

Diy Cool Lamp | DIY & Crafts Tutorials

Diy Cool Lamp | Best DIY Ideas

woonblog: interieur

Milk crate furniture

Good Ideas For You | Milk Crate Inspiration

garden coeur en grillage

serce z kamienia

Who knew yogurt cups could be so useful? :O doing this!!!

Most inspiring pictures and photos!

Did you know you can save those beautiful blooms in your garden forever? Just dip in any wax and let dry! I am a dipping fool!

Suzy Homefaker: Wax dipped Flowers

How to Make a Dandelion Paperweight

How to Make a Dandelion Paperweight

Dress Paper Clip Art -- Tutorial

Dress Paper Clip Art -- Tutorial

Dream Catcher

Doily Dream Catcher | The WHOot

Metal heart with keys and "keyhole" - Something you could do with all your keys. I imagine you could use the chicken wire.

Kathi's Garden Art Rust-n-Stuff: Spring Garden Festival

cover a bottle with paper, clay shapes and paint ♡

International Craft Patterns

Atelier Mercedes Durán-idea...something like this with chalkboard paint

Atelier Mercedes Durán

Декоративная бутылка "Серебро". Handmade.

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Key Wind Chime - cute idea for the garden - I love this, but it would piss off the burglars... - To connect with us, and our community of people from Australia and around the world, learning how to live large in small places, visit us at or at

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MercArt: The Metal Embosser: Stencils and Aluminum on a Tin Box

The Metal Embosser: Stencils and Aluminum on a Tin Box

Check out info on resin casting. You have a mold, mix the resin with a catalyst. Whatever is in the mold gets embedded in plastic.

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Fairy house tutorial - I'm a little surprise she made it ENTIRELY from twigs without using a base support, but it turned out very well! Decorations such a lighte sconce and twig star complete the house.

Juise: A Home for the Faeries

For my Fairies

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