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Granny Square Afghans

Granny Square Afghans are number one in our books. This board has Granny Square Patterns, Granny Square Blankets, Granny Square Afghan Ideas, Granny Square Afghans, Granny Throw Blanket Ideas, and more
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Mitered Squares blanket pattern, join-as-you-go - so cute!

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Woodland Fern Afghan: X marks the spot with this unique granny square afghan

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Dogwood Afghan: Create a classic look with floral granny squares

Dogwood Afghan

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Love the minty floral granny squares - they'd make for a gorgeous springtime afghan

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How neat is this crochet granny square afghan? The mismatched granny squares pull it all together with a similar theme and color scheme

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Christmas Granny Square Blanket

What a pretty snowflake throw! This is a great motif project and is perfect for on the go

Gorgeous Dusty Snowflakes Throw

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Perfect for the cat ladies out there.. :)

Ravelry: Cats Squared pattern by Kristy Heath

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LOVE this rainbow gradient crochet granny square afghan

Look What I Made: Rainbow Granny Square Blanket

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Ultimate Crochet Blanket - This crochet granny square afghan is full of different shapes and stitches to give a vintage vibe to any room

Ultimate Crochet Blanket

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Flower Power Crochet Granny Square | It's a match made in heaven: crochet flower patterns and granny squares are the crochet world's newest power couple!

Flower Power Crochet Granny Square


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Apple Afghan Square | An apple a day... works up the perfect back-to-school granny square afghan!

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Do It Your Way Afghan | Even crocheters can rebel once in a while: mix things up with a hodge-podge of exciting crochet granny squares!

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Strawberry, Mint and Chocolate Granny Throw | Enjoy the fresh colors of your favorite flavors on this beautiful granny square afghan.

Strawberry, Mint and Chocolate Granny Throw

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This intricate and bold tiled blanket pattern is simply breathtaking!

Persian Tile Blanket pattern by Jane Crowfoot

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The ombre effect on this crochet granny square blanket looks so great!

Good and Evil Granny pattern by Danielle Day-Hines


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Old Fashioned Afghan- If you have been waiting to kick it old school with your crochet, this free pattern is what you have been waiting for!

Old Fashioned Afghan

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These pastel flowers really pop on a dark, neutral background in this adorable granny square afghan!

A bright pastel crochet blanket ideal for a baby or as a lap blanket or throw

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The swirly crochet granny squares make this grannyghan a perfect kid-friendly project!

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How cute would this crochet blanket be for your pet?

Really modern crochet blanket

The Craftsy Indie Designer Pattern Storefrom The Craftsy Indie Designer Pattern Store

Modern Patchwork Blanket by BabyLove Brand - Craftsy

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Modern Patchwork Blanket - Sampler crochet blankets are a great way to practice all the crochet stitches you know

Modern Patchwork Blanket by BabyLove Brand | Crocheting Pattern

Mandala Crochet Tutorial Free Pattern

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This crochet star motif blanket will pop in any room

Atty's : Pattern/Photo Tutorial Star Blanket

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This Mickey Mouse granny square blanket is the best gift for that Disney-obsessed friend!

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Stevenson's Treasure Island Crochet Blanket | Multicolored hexagons make up this great granny-style afghan

Stevenson's Treasure Island Crochet Blanket

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The colors and the border on this crochet granny square afghan are amazing

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Flying Colors Blanket Crochet Pattern by Susan Carlson of Felted Button | This crochet blanket is just a mosaic of colors

Colorful Crochet Patterns: | my patterns