elf donuts--actually cheerios, To leave out with Santas cookies. how cute!!

Santa's elves usually are forgotten on Christmas Eve, but this year make Elf Donuts from Cheerios. Now you can leave cookies out for Santa and donuts for the Elves.

so cute....make with air-dry clay

Child's Hand-Print Santa Ornament + a bunch of other cute handprint/footprint craft ideas

dollar store fake fruit + glitter

dollar store fake fruit + glitter - put in clear bowl on the mantel.made with fake Dollar Store fruit

Footprint ornament for Christmas or just for memory sake-LOVE this!

Only with puppy footprints: Footprint Christmas Craft Ideas ornament:equal parts salt and flour, add water to make into a dough then bake at 200 degrees for then use acrylic paint topped with acrylic gloss spray paint.

toddler scribbles into gift bows!

Eco-friendly bows, and they're customized! Turn scribbles or kid-drawings into bows! You could make this a craft for kids - do potato prints, then cut up and make bows & gift wrap!

Frozen~This is the cutest!!

Frozen Movie Breakfast... Olaf Waffles... OLAFfles!

Do you wanna build a snowman waffle? Come on let's go and eat! It doesn't have to be an Olaf, but your favorite Frozen fans will be disappointed if it's not. Surprise the kids with this super-fun edible craft idea. Frozen Olaf Waffles takes no time.

So cute for the Christmas tree!

silhouette ornament- older class' ornaments.

Made with Eggo Waffle, bananas, chocolate syrup and sprinkles!

Made with Eggo Waffle, bananas, chocolate syrup and sprinkles! Peanut butter instead of the chocolate syrup.

Christmas Crafts for Kids

Popsicle Stick Ornaments- Great idea for church kids to do for Christmas Tree

Ernie and Bert...I have a toddler who would LOVE this!

BERT & ERNIE FRUIT SNACKS: Simple oranges and bananas get dressed up as two classic Sesame Street characters, great fun for picky kids!

More ideas
Fun Christmas eve tradition!

Magic Elf Seeds... delivered by our Elf on the Shelf

Magic Elf Seeds--Use tic tacs and sugar. The kids plant the 'seeds' before they go to bed and when they wake up they are candy canes! Elf on the Shelf could leave the seeds for the kids to plant that night.

Ley De Murphy

A fun science experiment you can make with the kiddos! Make these fun Water Marbles using a few simple kitchen ingredients: baking soda, vinegar,and salt!

Crystal Egg Geodes Videos | Tv How to's and ideas | Martha Stewart

Crystal Egg Geodes

Crystal Egg Geode How-To Tools and Materials Blown-out eggshell (Get the How-To) Alum powder White glue Small paintbrush Plastic or glass container Egg dye Hot water Craft stick or spoon Latex gloves Drying rack or newspaper

Science Project-Glowy EggLet Sit the Egg into plain white vinegar for few ours and it turns out this

Naked egg experiment- Dissolve egg shell off with vinegar and it will become a "naked egg" that can bounce.- Off to start it now. A great experiment for spring break!- We did this and K loved it! I would suggest naked egg investigation be done outside.

Melting Ice Science Experiment With Salt And Color.

Easy & Cool Science Experiments For Kids

VBS Idea-Mad Scientist-This melting ice experiment is gorgeous and colorful. // 24 Kids' Science Experiments That Adults Can Enjoy, Too

20 Must-Try Fall Science Experiments for Kids

20 Must-Try Fall Science Experiments for Kids

20 Must-Try Fall Science Experiments for Kids - everything from dry ice bubbles to magnetic slime!

Different type of popsicle sticks.  Cute

Make quick and easy ornaments out of mini wooden ice cream sticks, tongue depressors or popsicle sticks. - Actually pretty cute compared to some other popsicle stick ornaments I've seen.

Homemade Bouncing Ball | Cooking Up Crafts!

Homemade Bouncing Ball | Cooking Up Crafts!

Great idea

The Ultimate Christmas Eve Box (The Pajama Elves).update this for a first Christmas together as a couple. Love this idea new family tradition I think

Best 6 Science Experiments in Under an Hour...a few good ones in there that are doable at camp.

Preschool Powol Packets: Science Experiment: full of fun ideas!