Eyes by sharpie91 on deviantART ( ★ ||

Some Anime (cell shaded) eyes in my style ^^! If you like them feel free to reference or use the colours. Now for Anime eye tips? Anime eyes and Tips


Anna Campbell: Forever Entwined

Disney art cutie eeyore. -- should be super simple to draw going to totally draw this

Lessons Learned from Children's Books: Celebrating Literacy #ILD13

In girls bathroom put a pencil drawing of how to do french, fishtail, and english braids. Frame it and hang on the wall. Love the look of this drawing! - more about make up and nail art : www.

Drawing Tutorials.. so many eyes! =D this one is for you Katie.

You have just learned how to draw crying eyes step by step. How To Draw: Eye Crying by sharonitsazombie Baby Eyes, from Drawing Your Baby by.