Haha! I was that person for a while though, so I'm sure I've been looked at like this before ;)

So I have NO idea how to dance and when I try I'm pretty sure people try to burn their eyes out with a hot poker because its so bad. But I just love to dance. So I give myself that look too.

So true

so relatable. I have a habit of talking to inanimate objects. and if it works who is to argue?

Yep. And then the sections turn into like 10 eight counts with floats and I realize I could never pull this off in real life

Little Dance Things!>>>> I always do this I listen to the song and think where can I do laterals to this>>>>>

Dance problems

I was at a dance camp at PSU and it was a blast! We had our final performance today, I had so much fun!

All the time #dancerproblems

Dancer Problems Standing there awkwardly as your teacher decides what to do next.