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    Safari Animals

    One of the myriad reasons we do everything we can to visit Africa as often as we can - the amazing wildlife!

    Safari Animals

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    Oryx. Namibia. Copyright Gretchen Healey.

    ~~Grab It | leopard cup really having fun with her mum's tail by Lets Kamogelo~~

    Sometimes jackal pups will stay with their parents and help raise their younger siblings. Most pup deaths occur during the first 14 weeks of life, so the presence of helpers increases the survival rate.

    Serval kittens, born in litters of two to four, are difficult to observe, as the mother hides them well and frequently changes the hiding place. Because the female raises the litter alone, she has to hunt frequently to feed them. When the young are large enough to hunt, the mother drives the males out. Young females remain somewhat longer, but when they become sexually mature, they too leave to establish their own territories.

    Cheetah cub in the tree

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    A beautiful still captured during the filming of Vanishing Kings (2015). Visit #Namibia on our Desert Dune Safari for a chance to see these amazing lions! Wilderness Safaris

    Leopard, South Africa


    Getting a little advice from your elders? Priceless.

    The sable antelope, an unusual but stunning animal. BelAfrique your personal travel planner -

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    Earth Shots | Photo of the Day Contest by Jaco Marx



    National Wildlife Federation Photo Contest, First Place, Baby Animals: Lisa Hoffner, California While on safari in Kenya’s Masai Mara National Reserve, Hoffner’s vehicle hit a large rock and got stuck. Lucky for her, four cheetah cubs happened to be playing on a log nearby. After three grew tired and lay down to rest, this cub “climbed to the top to get to eye level with its mom,” she says. “They proceeded to gently groom one another before retiring to sleep in the shade.”

    Kruger National Park, South Africa

    Gorilla Family

    Cat Nap

    Amazing pictures show infant elephants wrestling with each other #DailyMail

    Gemsbok herd, Kalahari Desert