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In 2013, Africare distributed 1,738 Mama & Baby Kits to increase the quality of care for newborns and mothers through its Innovation, Research, Operations and Planned Evaluation for Mothers and Children project in Liberia. #IHaveADream

Africare reduced the number of underweight children under 5 by 46% through its Integrated Maternal Neonatal Child Heath project in Zambia in 2013. #IHaveADream

In 2013, Africare treated 100% of pregnant women found to be HIV positive with anti-retroviral treatment with its Delivery of Essential Package of Health Services in Bong County, Liberia. #IHaveADream

In 2013, with support from USAID, and partnership with University of Michigan, Africare constructed and dedicated two Maternal Waiting Homes, making a total of 6 functional Maternal Waiting Homes in Bong County, Liberia. #IHaveADream

8. “If I could be granted one wish, it would be to turn every AK-47 on the [African] continent into a hoe or plow.” C. Payne Lucas, Africare President Emeritus, 1994 #IHaveADream

C. Payne Lucas, Africare co-founder, speaks at his retirement in 2002. #IHaveADream

Africare trained 652 community leaders and 36 rural health center staff through its Reproductive Health Services for the Integrated Maternal and Child Health project in Zambia in 2013. #IHaveADream

Dr. Joseph C. Kennedy, Africare's Co-Founder, speaks at his retirement in 1999. #IHaveADream

Africare has worked in 36 countries on the continent. Have you been to any of those 36? #IHaveADream

All it takes is one dream and one voice. What is your dream? #IHaveADream