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Afterlife Coach

Sacramento, CA  ·  Tina Kat Courtney, expert on death, loss, and meaning. Spiritual life coach, shaman, Earth Mystic. Learn more at
Afterlife Coach
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Death is our shadow, and it's breathtaking

Sometimes it takes loss to realize what we have. Let this list be a reminder to not sweat the small things and to truly appreciate the gift of life!

An American doctor, Rajiv Parti, claims to have gone into the afterlife during surgery.

A DOCTOR believes he has seen it all, and knows exactly what’s in store for the rest of us when we die.

I love this image of the afterlife entry - so complex, inviting, and gorgeous!

Rosa Celeste: Dante and Beatrice gaze upon the highest Heaven; from Gustave Doré's illustrations to the Divine Comedy, Paradiso Canto lines (-Celestial spheres-)

There are no endings, only new beginnings.

Childhood beliefs about the soul and afterlife stick with people as they age, shaping their views in adulthood, even if they say otherwise, a new study finds.

Through The Afterlife

Welcome to Through The Afterlife, the new psychedelic chill and downtempo concept release from Silent Existence, Kosovo. In the next few moments we will guide you through an invisible world which will change your perspective on life.

Death is Easy. It's living that's Hard.

Watch CocoRosie's New Video "After the Afterlife", the CocoRosiest Thing Ever

Time doesn't exist in the afterlife. Take a deep breath and be present, and you'll be There Now.

Time doesn't exist in the afterlife. Take a deep breath and be present, and you'll be There Now.

Ancient Egypt Afterlife Beliefs. The_Book_of_the_Dead_afterlife_journey

Egyptians preserved the body of the dead so that it could be used it in the afterlife. They believed this was the only way to be able to have an afterlife. Therefore, mummification was a vital process in ancient Egyptian funerals.

We are stars, pretending to be humans.

Life after death is real, concludes scientific study of patientsLargest study ever/researchers have found evidence consciousness continues even after brain activity has ceased

The perfect depiction of souls going to the light, recently departed and ready for the next part of their journey. Beautiful!

To set you free Inspired by everyday life, experiences throughout each day, American artist Jeffrey Smith created surrealistic digital artwork in style of simplicity. They hear my voice Who will find it Far from fields At… Continue Reading →

This is called Afterlife Afterthought, a sculpture by Emil Alzamora. I love how it shows the higher perspective we get when we die, yet it still shows the tangible connection to our old self. Very impactful!

The Human Form As Seen By Contemporary Sculptor Emil Alzamora in 30 Works.