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Reading Responses – Non-Fiction

Freebie - Literature Activity Choice Board: 3rd -5th Grades

Here is a literature activity choice board. When reading a class chapter book, after reading a chapter have students pick a square and complete the activity.

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My kids have grown so much using RAP! RAP anchor chart to teach kids how to write full answers to test questions - image only


Incorporating technology and classic literature for middle school and high school students. This allows students to be creative and prove that they understand a character/text!--use with novel and myth characters!

Reading block activities - Sentence starters for writing about reading and lots of other great ideas!

Anchor chart that gives students sentence starters that provokes feelings about their books. What they liked, didn't like, what they weren't sure about and how they felt after reading.

Check out my blog for a freebie and ideas about how to engage your students when teaching them how to analyze nonfiction passages.

"When I think about my experiences in school, I remember being bored during reading class. I remember rushing through my work so I could read the things that I wanted, which were books about sports!

Modeled after the popular "Escape Room" games in many cities around the country…

Class Escape Problem Solving Game

Modeled after the popular "Escape Room" games in many cities around the country, this classroom version prompts students to work together as a class to solve puzzles, connect the clues, and crack the code! Day one Bellringer