plain bowl to carved 4

Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery

great engagement gift

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original abstract art by artist Destiny Womack

Original Abstract Art Huge 9pc Custom Made to Order Commision Modern Contemporary Fine Art Painting by Destiny Womack - dWo - GIANT 60x48

16x20. $45. Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

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#art #original #watercolor #painting #circle1 #Etsy Reflections of a kissing couple

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I will refine my (currently nonexistent) crayon art skills so I can make this and have it forever.

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Original Red Umbrella Silhouette Couple in Rain by DannaLivingston

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Sticking the crayons on to a cardboard instead of the canvas so the crayons are not shown in the final product // City Girl Meets Country Boy: Crayon Canvas Craze

City Girl Meets Country Boy: Crayon Canvas Craze

Popeye | 15 Cartoon Characters In Real Life | CELEBRITIES - ahfunny

15 Cartoon Characters In Real life

Abstract Painting Art Original Landscape Trees by by Catalin, $225.00

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Andre #Kohn, known for producing vibrant #figurative #paintings #woman #wind #art #print #illustration

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Original abstract art paintings by Osnat - abstract landscape colorful sunset painting

Landscape Painting - Chasing the Sun #6217

Art to match

Moody Blues | New England Home Magazine

This would look great in our hallway if I ever change out my pictures!

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"May I kiss you? May I keep your sadness in me, and leave my tenderness in you? May I wipe that tear of yours with my lips, and steal a smile from your beauty?" f. wolff

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Where can I get one of these. Would look awesome in the master bedroom

Loui Jover, 1967

Time 4 Learning - Optical illusion Drawing on lined paper! :)

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Get Your Hands Dirty With DIY Painting Crafts And Ideas (J-Visa-vis & any sort of sealant spray ie matte, gloss etc will do this too).

Get Your Hands Dirty With DIY Painting Crafts And Ideas

Mickey Mouse <3!

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If I could paint well I would so do this (DIY). Maybe Kaylee Case will see this pin and make me one for Chritmas!?! wall art - Bouclair Home

40 Beautiful Wall Art Ideas For Your Inspiration - ekstrax

books by ~melina-pezun on deviantART

books by melina-pezun on deviantART

I'm choosing me.

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Oliver Gal Solid Kiss Pink Canvas Wall Art

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Incredible drawing of Katniss and Rue by Mandy. Wow. This does not even look possible to draw.

Fan Art Friday! | My Hunger Games