Christian Boltanski | Critique | Après | Vitry-sur-Seine. Mac/Val

Après, Christian Boltanski, Mac/Val, un monde labyrinthique

Eye Film Institute in Amsterdam by Delugan Meissl opens with the exhibition Found Footage

Eye Film Institute In Amsterdam By Delugan Meissl Opens With The Exhibition Found Footage

White tiger men

Body Art by bodypainter Rich Diltz. Bodypainting services and fine art. Photos of painted models.

Body Painted Men

Pics of attractive guys with dyed hair or in body paint. Might throw in the occasional mud pic too. May contain nudity or gay content.

3D Video Projection Mapping on Cubes with Quartz Composer - YouTube

Projecting onto several Cubes mad out of Cardboard or Wood. Using two 3000 ANSI Projectors connected to a MacPro with a Matrox Mapping and Live-.