Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness

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Wanna sleep a little better at night? NOW is the time to get your family prepared! I'm so glad we finally got this done! Making 72 hour kits for the whole family was really not as hard as I thought it would be! #HeavenlyHavoc

How to Make 72 Hour Kits for Families - Double the Batch


Grab-N-Go Prioritized Evacuation List

iPrepared: Prioritized Evacuation List (Grab-N-Go)


6 Foods to store that last forever! Great article from Survival Spot.

Be Prepared: 6 Foods to Store Forever


List of items - buy one each week for 52 weeks to be prepared! ~$10 per week.

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There are six enemies of food storage. We explore all six with a brief description of how they work together to shorten food shelf life.

The Six Enemies of Food Storage


Leaves of three, let them be. Poisonous plants

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poison ivy identify

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This is brilliant. The pre-fab Groundfridge will store as much as 20 refrigerators underground without using electricity.

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Bug Out Bag - I'm not a prepper, but this kind of bag may be good for an emergency hurricane bag with a few adjustments.

Prepping to Survive: Bug Out Bag


99 Ways to Spend a Dollar at the Dollar Stores: Consider this list of emergency supplies for preparedness that are just a buck... www.happypreppers...

99 things to buy at the dollar stores:


Campfire Starters | Your Ultimate Camping Checklist So you can spend more time roasting marshmallows. Toilet paper rolls and dryer lint are an inexpensive DIY project.

Your Ultimate Camping Checklist


TrackR bravo is a small, coin-sized tracking device that you can attach onto any device or belonging. Download the Free TrackR app - then use the distance indicator, separation alerts, phone finder, and Crowd GPS features to find your TrackR in seconds!

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Wash Clothes During An Emergency | via www.foodstoragemo...

Learn How To Wash Clothes During An Emergency


The 9 Best Survival Antibiotics Before we move on, a few disclaimers: First, I am not a doctor and I am not giving you medical advice. I recommend you ask your doctor if he will write you some prescriptions for antibiotics just in case. Or you could buy the ones that are meant for control of infections in fish and/or birds. I’m not saying you should consume them, I’m just pointing out how interesting it is that they’re the exact same as the ones prescribed by doctors.

The 9 Best Survival Antibiotics


Now Is The Time To Set Cash Aside If You Haven’t Already

Now Is The Time To Set Cash Aside If You Haven’t Already - The Prepared Ninja


Pros & Cons of all the different kinds of water storage containers.

Water Storage Containers Pros and Cons


How To Store Drinking Water For The Long Term - SHTF, Emergency Preparedness, Survival Prepping, Homesteading

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These knots, all 40 of them, will add a lot to your knowledge rank. All outdoorsmen should know these.

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Big Agnes Big House 6 and Vestibule: Best Tents - MensJournal.com

Big Agnes Big House 6 and Vestibule: Best Tents


Gear Review: Best Backpacking Sleeping Pads

Men's Sleeping Pad Reviews - OutdoorGearLab


Even though I know these, I still became a victim last summer! More studying needed here...

How to Identify Poison Ivy- Infographic | A Little Campy


Mom with a PREP | Learn how to create an emergency survival kit for your child in case of an emergency while in school and you can't be there to help them ...

How to Make an Emergency Survival Kit for Kids at School


How To Make Easy Bread In A Can - SHTF Preparedness

How To Make Easy Bread In A Can - SHTF & Prepping Central


If a natural disaster hit would you be able to hold out for a few days while help was on the way? Here's what to pack in a bug-out bag to keep you going during an emergency - or the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE www.biblemoneymat...

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This would be a nice item for an emergency back pack. Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius – 32 Pics

Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius - 32 Pics