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    Summer Reading 2014 Science Fizz, Boom, READ and Spark a Reaction
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    Human Anatomy Felt Board

    DIY craft make beautiful bubble wands. It could go with your DIY make it yourself bubble liquid.

    Make a Rock...simple science activity for kids

    Kitchen Table Science Lab

    DIY: kids would like making popsicle stick bracelets: boil in water for 15 minutes then place in cup to dry. Decorate with markers, buttons, glitter, or decoupage.

    Chocolate Stretchy Slime Recipe from Fun at Home with Kids

    DIY Scratch and Sniff Paint!

    Tutorial: OZ-Inspired Tinker’s Goggles, Science Summer Reading Program 2014, Steam punk craft idea

    Come Together Kids: 10 Crafts and Activities for Boys

    Marshmallow Science...simple science experiment for kids

    24 Kids' Science Experiments That Adults Can Enjoy Too!

    Lego board game! See who can get to the end and build the highest tower.

    Literature based science lessons for kids.

    20 ways to play with tin foil from

    make an upcycled hummingbird feeder like this! How fun!

    How to Make Lightning - Two simple science experiments for kids to demonstrate how to make sparks and explain how lightning occurs.

    9 Apps for Young Scientists. Summer Reading 2014 Fizz Boom Read ideas

    MAD SCIENCE PARTY! food, decorations, tutorials, recipes, EASY experiements & more!!!

    Tinfoil and Pipe Cleaner Challenge that your kids will love! Breakout activity idea...

    Fluffy Stuff (2 boxes cornstarch and 1 can shaving cream; color if desired) -- moldable

    Summer Science Activities and Experiments for Kids! Lot of FUN ideas to keep them busy this Summer!

    50 best educational games for iphone

    Space station - dryer vent tubes attached to rubber gloves used for space exploration & cheap plastic bowls make lookouts. - Could be a fun thing to have at the library for Fizz Boom Read Summer Reading 2014

    Check out our Science round-up! Kid tested and approved experiments!

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