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    I'm a lover of all things beauty and skin care, health, style, all sorts of things!

    Take back your mornings! How many of these can you incorporate into your routine? Try a few at a time, then add more. Start the day well! #axidwell #careerwellbeing

    How to create a morning routine - a step by step guide with free printables to get your mornings off to a great start!

    8 tricks to help you get back into a regular exercise routine

    These tips will help you stick with your fitness routine when you’re feeling grumpy or tired or frustrated or hungry. #fitness #motivation #exercise

    6 Ways To Form New Habits & Stick To Them, According To Science

    Your morning can be that make-or-break time that sets you up for a good day or a bad day. Here are 11 habits you can establish that will put you on the path of stringing together good day after good day.

    Trying to set exercise life goals, make your health a priority and find a new workout routine? Whether you're running, walking, hitting the gym or just thinking about it, here are 12 Tips to help you stick to your fitness routine.

    Have you ever started an exercise routine only to ditch it a few weeks later? Here are some tips on How to Start an Exercise Routine and Stick With It!

    The Ultimate Mix-Up - Our expert gives you the low-down on when to stick with a workout routine and when to switch it up

    Stick with your #fitness routine for good this time!! Maybe These tips can help me stay on track! |

    body builders diet... Nice break to keep it simple for people

    If you want to up your abs game, do these five out-of-the-box exercises to fire up the muscle fibers you didn’t know you had.

    Top 10 Proteins for Women! Think proteins are just for massive muscleheads? Think again. Without it, you can't create strong, firm, muscles for a lean, sculpted look. They also assist with fat loss and workout recovery. No skinny-fat body for you!

    The Tower of Muscle Foods - From Men's Health, may need some adjustments for women?


    The Real Reason You Should Eat Protein Before Bed | If you want to build muscle and strength as quickly as possible, you should eat protein before bed...but probably not for the reasons you think.

    Muscle Building Meal Plan - I think I might try some of these!

    The kind of muscle fibers that yield the greatest power are also those that grow the most. Building muscle mass for women. When to do cardio, what to eat etc.

    This is probably the best fitness pin I've found. It goes into detail about the female body, and explains how we should train and diet in order to become lean and fit. I definitely recommend it for any woman looking to start a training regiment. It includes a written 12 week program to follow!

    Don't let these mistakes hold you back. Make your workouts count. #fitness #workout #health

    Athletes, body-builders, and those seeking to gain weight in a healthy way can use this grocery list that focuses on protein, supplements, and whole grains. Free to download and print

    5 Healthy Ways to Gain Weight - For some people, gaining weight is harder than you think! If you’re struggling to put on a few pounds, here are 5 healthy ways to gain weight that you will find useful on your journey to becoming healthier and stronger. Believe it or not, gaining weight for some people can be just as hard ...

    50 Reasons to Exercise - Motivation ✿✿✿♥♥♥✿✿✿♥♥♥✿✿✿♥♥♥✿✿✿♥♥♥✿✿✿♥♥♥✿✿✿♥♥♥ Lose Weight & Get Healthy with All Natural Skinny Fiber!!! DeeDeesdarlingdiv... ✿✿✿♥♥♥✿✿✿♥♥♥✿✿✿♥♥♥✿✿✿♥♥♥✿✿✿♥♥♥✿✿✿♥♥♥

    Expeditious weight loss often results in poor results in the long term due the the severity of the methods required to achieve such a goal and the toll it takes on the body.

    This blood disorder can occur to anyone irrespective of sex and age,Here, we have compiled a list of some super foods that help combat anemia in a natural manner.

    Organizing for the Home: 30+ ideas, tips, & tricks to help organize every nook & cranny in the home

    The Ridiculously Thorough Guide to Decluttering Your Home - Presented by - April 2015 - Collection of awesome organizing and decluttering tip from the Organizing Pros including Linda Samuels, CPO-CD

    Today is the very first post in a new and ongoing series on our site called Home Ec. Inspired by...