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This is wonderful...The Nine Realms of Ygrissil, the world tree (according to Thor…) Although, some names are kinda debated…but it's too wonderful to care! :D

In the first Thor movie, he talks about a tree of life. Within that tree are 9 realms, well here they are. Loki in actuality is from JOTUNHEIM.

Just some Superheroes and Villains

Daredevil Captain America Spider- Man Iron Man Thor Hulk Silver Surfer Cyclops Wolverine Ghost Rider Deadpool The Thing Spider Woman Carnage Venom

not really Loki, but I'm too lazy to make a board for anything else Marvel related, so: Avengers

The Avengers Initiative Infographic. The Avengers Initiative Infographic "traces the connections in the Marvel movies that have led up to The Avengers

Super heros

Love the idea From another pinner: Minimalistic Super Heroes. Well I've been trying to figure out on how to go about my geek quilt. And now I am inspired. It will be cross stitch n patchwork. (It will of course have many other things)

Infographic: DC Vs. Marvel Movies – Who Wins At The Box Office? (Marvel Comic Infographics)

Marvel Movies – Who Wins At The Box Office? there are a few movies missing still but this is very general. DC takes many years in between each movie while Marvel picked up a momentum that hasn't stopped

Justice League vs The Avengers - Kid Edition

Justice League vs The Avengers - Kid Edition I love the spiderman one! He's just swinging around doing spiderman things! - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!