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Mon chien c'est le meilleur ! #LOL

I didn't know which one you threw. so I got ALL of them.

image drole escargot

Check out all our Snail Riding Turtle funny pictures here on our site. We update our Snail Riding Turtle funny pictures daily!

Laisser le chat une heure tout seul... #LOL

Check out these photos of some of the most epic fails you have ever seen

Is there a life after death? Enter and you will know Life : la vie Death : la mort Après : after

Doberman guard dog looking over fence, sign Is there life after death? Jump this fence and find out,

L'important, c'Ÿc'est pas d'être grand, c'est d'être à la hauteur.

Stop and listen to me Tais toi et écouté Discussion chat et chiens

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