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Saddest Companion loss in whole series.

I'm not sure if it's that I'm too attached to them, or the fact that the Doctor is alone again. Who's going to hold his hand now?

Doctor Who

The rumour that the tenth Doctor, David Tennant, is set to return for Who's fiftieth anniversary is gaining momentum.


you're just a silly girl with a flower!" ~ "Better a silly girl with a flower, than a silly boy with a horse and a stick." A Knight's Tale!

Oh Doctor

The one he lost.~Rose The one who left.~Martha The one who forgot.~Donna The one he saved.

David Tennant ♥

I don’t think I’m ever going to get over how beautiful the entire cast of Doctor Who is. doctor who karen gillan matt smith bbc Arthur Darvill dw David Tennant Catherine Tate Billie Piper John Barrowman Alex Kingston Freema Agye

Homles and Watson....Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch!

this promo photo is just weirdly awesome. I love how John is so short, see, short people can be awesomely amazing too guys! And dangerous, so never underestimate us short guys. Thank you John Watson.