Raja Ampat Islands, Indonesia

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Sulawesi island, Indonesia.

Diving and snorkeling at Bunaken Island,Sulawesi, Indonesia: the island is part of the Bunaken Marine Park where you can see more than of all fish species that live in the western Pacific ocean.

West Sumatra.

Very picturesque Jakarta, Indonesia . A great photo by Ricky Purnadi Riqua. "Great House" structures representative of the Minangkabau culture in West Sumatra Indonesia.the music, dance, and food are equally exotic.

Indonesia this is what you will se when you visit indonesia's traditional market. beautiful.

One of the markets in Bali, Indonesia where locals go to grab their food supplies for the week.

Blue Ocean  Sulawesi, Indonesia

Manado Tua - A volcano near Bunaken Island in North Sulawesi, Indonesia, with the coral reef visible under the water

KERIS Nagasasra luk 13 koleksi Museum Etnologi Nasional Leiden. Dikutip dari buku Isaac Groneman "The Javanese Kris" terbitan C Zwartenkot Art Books, Leiden and KITLV Press, Leiden... Panjang 50 cm, PakBo

The Kris or Keris is an asymmetrical dagger with distinctive blade-patterning achieved through alternating laminations of iron and nickelous iron (pamor).

Toraja Architecture from Sulawesi Island in Indonesia

Toraja Architecture, photograph by Charuhas. The Toraja are an ethnic group indigenous to a mountainous region of South Sulawesi, Indonesia.

batik puppet

Wayang Golek puppet with batik costume Indonesian