Mardi Gras Mask.

i have a gold Masquerade mask so we could do my lips like this :) more fun makeup-y ideas:) = for the ball this fall!

Silver Face Adornment

The mask is made from 12 gauge jewelry wire in tribal scroll designs with tiny silvery white glass beads strung on 26 gauge wire. Finished off with a colored ribbon of your choice, it makes for a delicate statement and is easy to match many costume styles


Soir De Venise Mask By Lise Charmel Lingerie,now on Luxury French Lingerie at half prices sale with vouchers.


Girl Talk: “Beauty Behind The Mask” (D. Natural Facial Masks) …many “Do It Yourself” Homemade Natural Mask Recipes !


Green Mask by *enayla on deviantART. Love the peacock theme, the support makeup and lip crystal. The all mostly feathers. Glitter on the base and over the little bottom parts of feathers.

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