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Agricultural biodiversity

Illustrations of genetic diversity within domesticated species. Oh, and their wild relatives.

Agricultural biodiversity

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Slippery uses of banana statistics Depending on the indicator and the year, bananas usually end up somewhere between the 8th and 10th position after discarding animal products and non-food crop commodities (adding plantains doesn’t change the ranking).

Slippery uses of banana statistics : ProMusa blog | Promusa - Mobilizing banana science for sustainable livelihoods

Heritage Wheat Varieties: The old varieties usually have tall straw; straw is useful for farmers feeding animals or bedding for animals. Modern varieties were developed for the combine and straw was seen as a nuisance. In the mid and early 1800s varieties were called red or white, based on the color of the kernal, and usually a name of the farmer or region where the variety was grown.

Grassroot Solutions Heritage Wheat Varieties

Fruit of the Actinidia genotypes used in this study. (A) A. chinensis MP161, (B) A. chinensis MP165, (C) A. chinensis MP214, (D) A. macrosperma mature, (E) A. macrosperma ripe, (F), A. melanandra. Progeny from a cross between A. macrosperma×A. melanandra: (G) MaMe1, (H) MaMe2, and (I) MaMe3

Biodiversity for food security and nutrition: 30 years of the Commission on Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture

Viennese Coffee Types.

Exotic teas and spices at the Grand Bazaar, Istanbul.

Photo Essay: Shops in Turkey (Includes first-hand account)


Murray McMurray Hatchery - Rare Breed Special

Cup of tea - Chinese tea tasting - Mevrouw Cha. Things I do when I go to China..try different kind of teas!

|| ICRISAT || Genebank Manual

|| ICRISAT || Genebank Manual

Millet germplasm

|| ICRISAT || Genebank Activities

An agreement between the Global Crop Diversity Trust and the CGIAR Consortium provides $109 million for the CGIAR Research Program for Managing and Sustaining Crop Collections. The money will maintain and expand the collections of 706,000 samples of crop, forage and agroforestry resources managed by the genebanks at 11 CGIAR research centres around the world. Seed banks protect existing varieties and help breeders develop new varieties resistant to climate change and other threats.


Fish market- Okinawa in Japan

Can't wait to have my fresh eggs.

Assorted Rare Breeds from My Pet Chicken

Llama VS Alpaca"To put it simply, alpacas are pleasant looking and llamas look like they’re constantly judging you."

1907 Cattle Varieties Antique Livestock Chart From Germany

Top Beers of Asia

The Best Beers in Asia [Infographic] | Indie Travel Podcast

Antoine Schneck - Burkina faso

Antoine Schneck - Burkina faso

2014 - 29 de Mayo - Anuncian Festival de la Papa Nativa, Lima se prepara para la fiesta de la papa peruana, tal como lo viene haciendo desde que el año 2005 se instituyó un día (30 de mayo) para celebrar al popular tubérculo.

Anuncian Festival de la Papa Nativa

Multicolour carrots

Warwick secure Defra contract to store 14,000 crop seed samples

Papas Peruanas

Typology of apples.

Habanero pepper collection. Photo by Diana Zlatanovski.

Out With the Old Spices, Especially Ground Pepper | If your kitchen houses an old jar of ground black pepper, do me a favor and throw it out. I’m on a campaign to start the New Year fresh, and my resolution includes discarding all outdated spices and sundries lurking in the back of the pantry. This applies to all spices, from aniseed to za’atar, […]