La parte femenina del equipo Agroverd hace tiempo que está pensando en una línea de maquinaria más femenina. Con lo guapas que están con las motosierras de color naranja en mano

Pink garden hose with awesome antler holder! I want the antler thing ASAP, the adorable pink hose can wait until we aren't living in an apt and we actually have a use for it!

Un banco muy mono, ¿verdad?

What a great idea for a bench! (and another reason to secure the tailgate of your old pick-up trucks!)My Brother in law would love this with a dodge tailgate

Pañuelos Familia® Chic Metallic. Un Toque Chic que le dará brillo a cualquier lugar.

Prototype of the Bad Robot used for the Comic Con a few years ago // Brandon Fayette

Idea genial - Garden tractor made of an old sewing machine.

Garden tractor made of an old sewing machine. === I need to find an old sewing machine and do this in our garden .it would go perfectly with the wagon wheel, bucket, baby crib rail, and old dump truck

WOW! have you ever heard of vladimir gvodozdev? wow.

Urban Floop: July 2009 - the link is to very beautiful drawings by Vladimir Gvozdariki from his website of machine animals that seem to come out from some Industrial utopian world.

Lovely antique New Home Sewing Machine

New Home Sewing Machine Shabby Antique Garden Ornament Are you a seamstress who gardens or perhaps a gardener who sews?

Detail-No.6 by ericfreitas8987, via Flickr    Beautiful! Not only functional but pure artistic Sculpture. Well thought out composition with a Steampunk theme.

This clock represents time and the role it plays. In truth, time is simply a man-made illusion and truly means noting unless one decides it does.

c. 1930, Building spiral turbines. Sheet metal.

1930 : Building spiral turbines Curated by Amanda Uren Source: Retronaut. ” natural forms in industry

Engranajes - ¿puede haber algo más perfecto?

The Italian Job

Timeless elagance meets modern technology - A very cool story about Campagnolo employing artisan manufacturing processes in house, competing with companies outsourcing manufacturing to factories around the globe .

Se parece a un rastrillo, ¿no creéis?

Leonardo da Vinci Inventions That You Need to See to Believe