patrick dempsey

A portrait of Patrick Dempsey, taken by Entertainment Weekly in October We love this handsome actor and millions of Grey's Anatomy.

Derek Shepherd with Baby Bailey

Behind the scenes of Grey& Anatomy with Derek Shepherd played by Patrick Dempsey! Could he look any hotter holding that baby?

patrick dempsey.

a very young McDreamy--when he was already my crush & still very far away from being yours!


PATRICK DEMPSEY: one of the things I love about this guy is his love for Porsche racing! Gotta love that!

Patrick Dempsey

Patrick Dempsey even my boyfriend loves McDreamy now.he's pretty irresistible


Patrick Dempsey Born on: Jan 1966 Sexy because: hes just so darn nice! I know we usually fall for them bad boys but secretly we all want to end up with a McDreamy of our own. Cmon you know its true!

Patrick Dempsey

Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey) may be having the elevator ride from hell, but man, he's.

Patrick Dempsey

Patrick Dempsey, as Derek Shepherd, MD --the only so-called medical person I've got any respect for; and to be certain, after the last two surgeries I've had in real life, he's probably the only one I'd ever again let get near me with a knife ~ seriously!

Patrick Dempsey :):)

Patrick Dempsey for C Men's wearing a Gucci coat and sweater, Gap T-shirt & Prada pants. Photo by Jeff Lipsky.

Patrick Dempsey

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