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Amanda Hager

Such great purple hair. I had this color in my hair once, along with red and pink. The red went first, then the purple, the pink lasted a looong time, but the purple is my fave. It's so wearable everyday without being ostentatious

Scarecrow halloween costume makeup tutorial via Kastles

Easy Chicken Fajita Tacos

Weight Watchers #Apple #Crisp #recipe – 3 WW points, 5 WW points plus

Take a walk or run around the block this evening and focus on enjoying it. Any movement is better than none

Turning Junk Mail into Gardeners Gold It's also a great way to dispose of old bills and other papers with personal information on them...

Spring Activities Theme for Preschool. This gives me an idea for a file-folder game! Put # raindrops on the appropriate umbrella!

Low Carb Diet Grocery Shopping Checklist - mark McDonald's person that was with him when he spoke told me to try eating less carbs. Maybe this will help me with where to begin!

i want a dog that looks like a teddy bear.

26 Iteresting DIY Ideas How To Make Bows