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Emergency Preparedness/ Food Storage

Emergency Preparedness/ Food Storage

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Build your food storage for $5 per week

72 Hour survival kit items that should be in your house, this list comes directly from FEMA. Keep it in a cabinet in the garage. How to Put Together an Emergency Preparedness Kit

How to Put Together an Emergency Preparedness Kit

Food Storage/Year Supply for under 5 bucks a week! Tells you exactly what to buy each week!

A storm shelter is a super-strong safe room designed to withstand dangerous high winds, tornadoes and flying debris. Youll remain safe even if your house falls apart. We show you a type that you can build yourself.

How to Build a Storm Shelter

Store 260 or 525 gallons of water in a tank that doesn't take much more room than a 55 gallon drum.

Water tanks for emergency preparedness | SureWater

DIY-solar powered air-cooler

DIY Solar Powered Air Cooler | Survival Life

Solar charging backpack that can charge your laptop. From Voltaic. This can be your bug out bag. Charge your phone and flashlights and laptop. For daily use, not only in case of any emergency.

How to survive in your home during an emergency AKA zombie apocalypse

How to Keep your Cell Phone Working During a Power Outage

EXTENSIVE selection of informative eBooks on Emergency Prep, First Aid, Recipes, How-to's and more!

rehydration of fd/dehydrated foods that I use everyday as a Food Storage chef! Thanks Honeyville!

In a emergency a crayon will burn for 30 minutes.

enough to heat a garage.....this site tells you how to do it with soda cans ... heat a greenhouse or coop

How to Wipe Yourself Off the Grid Here are some tips on how to unplug completely from the grid and disappear from the digital world...just in case. Lol

21 Things Your Burglar Won’t Tell You! Put your car keys by your bed at night. If you hear someone breaking in, just push the panic button on your key fob. All the neighbors will hear. Lots of good ideas to keep safe in this post.

Solar Generator Review: Start Going Off the Grid and Be Better Prepared for Power Outages

Oh my heavens! If you want to get your food storage going, check out this site! She has it all broken down by weeks! Way cool!

How to escape zip ties. Every girl should know this information.

SPENDING A NIGHT IN YOUR CAR - Anyone who drives faces the possibility of spending a unplanned night in a car. Bad weather, breakdowns, running out of fuel, getting stuck are some of the more common reasons why a driver might have to bed down for the night until the situation is resolved. Drivers who accept the possibility that the unforeseen may happen are drivers that prepare, in advance, for the experience.

Oh my heavens! If you want to get your food storage going, check out this site! She has it all broken down by weeks! Way cool!

This might be important for my camping /Preparedness friends who live in Arizona... where they could die from heat exposure.... How to build an Evaporative Cooler (swamp cooler) - This would be great for camping on those HOT days

How and what you can oven can! This method makes the dry food last for up to 20 years!

Fire Starter...Stuff empty toilet paper rolls with dryer lint for a great fire starter! No (extra) purchase necessary!

This Website breaks down what you need to buy for food storage per month

The remarkable Life Saver bottle has an affordable, portable carbon filter that can block any virus larger than 15 nanometers. What's more, it can go through more than 1,500 gallons of water before the filter needs to be replaced. The bacteria and virus retention rate is 99.99 percent effective -it's so thorough that it's even supposed to clean up (gulp) fecal matter. The bottle was inspired by the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina when visiting businessman Michael Pritchard found that thousands