This not only boosted my self esteem (proof that all those victoria secret models are nothing but paint) BUT, also I laughed so freaking hard.

Keira Knightley is a canvas…


Did this author purposefully Rick Roll us all?

The cat who doesn’t understand why you’re staring.

The 22 Most ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Cats Of All Time

On sex:

27 Times Tumblr Captured How You Feel About Dating

#iamlisat #love

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35 Tumblr Posts That'll Make You Reevaluate Your Entire Existence
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Alexis Hansen

Liz divulging the secret way to get out of civic duties.

30 Best Jokes From "30 Rock"

This is so cool! (Gif)

You can change the direction using your mind…

This is the best GIF ever.

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just watched this movie not too long ago, and remembered why Ryan is my favorite!: Face, High School Musical Funny, Funny High School Musical, I M Laughing, Movie, Disney, High School Musical Humor, High Schools

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Beautiful home decor:

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Answer the question.

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This needs to be my life.

This needs to be my life…

Jake the Dog

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Not sure why I found this so funny

How logos have changed…

Sherlock, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Thor The Dark World. THOR: You're mad! LOKI: Quite possibly, but if this was easy, everyone would do it.

October 17, 2013


Funny Pictures Of The Day - 86 Pics

Typography Fun

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Blueberries don’t play by the rules…


Just tell me I’m pretty…

I'm dying!!!

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Too accurate!

I Waste So Much Time

Tina Fey stripped down for David Letterman last night

Tina Fey Stripped Down To Her Spanx For David Letterman

This person who’s upfront about their needs:

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