I don't have kids but this is a pretty powerful message that can be applied to anyone in your life..

Or How I'll Be Healthy For My Kids

Setting a good healthy example for my children is half of the reason I'm working so hard to achieve my goals. I don't want them growing up to be obese slobs. Leading by example.

I did this last night :/

Man I needed to read this today. Just sub & the waiting room of your son& occupational therapy clinic& for & in the bathroom& and yes. Pretty much sums it up.

It's rare that you feel alone when you're a single mom. #quotes

Our Favorite Single Mom Quotes

Raising a child by yourself isn't always easy. These quotes from single moms serve as a reminder that we are all strong and capable.

You+do+realize+that+even+though+I'm+a+working+mom,+I+still+have+to+cook,+grocery+shop,+do+laundry,+run+my+children+to+their+ activities+AND+ work+too,+right?

Its a stay at home mom times Shout out to single working moms!

My Celiac Rant of the Month - Be Strong my PLC's!

She looked back on her life and realized that everything happened only made her stronger.Words of Inspiration

Few women are strong enough to love a military man. I am one of many #milspouse

Only a strong woman can survive missing half her heart.