Icelandic Turf Houses For over 1,000 years, Iceland has been constructing these turf houses, which blend into the landscape and capitalize on nature's insulation. While similar constructions in Norway, Scotland, Ireland and Greenland were only built by those who couldn't afford anything else, turf houses in Iceland were even built by tribe chiefs.

12 Hobbit Houses to Make You Consider Moving Underground

You Can Build An Awesome Cob Home Like This For Under $250! | True Activist

Take a tour inside the hand made £150 COB HOUSE

rocket heater produces whole house heating when the exhaust tube is run under the container's foundation

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winter sun angles for straw bale house

Green Building Tips For Straw Bale Houses

This is a straw bale house!

Enchanted Garden

The R-value of straw-bale wall is between R-32 and R-42, two to three times better than the walls of most conventional homes. The bales also provide a highly effective sound barrier.

8 Straw-Bale Building Myths Debunked - Articles

Houseboat to rent Terherne FRIESLAND.

ScheepsHuisje varend vakantiehuis in Friesland

Ah,,a sunny deck!....Cape Codder Tiny Floating Home

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Two-Story Houseboat for Long Latvian Summers by Latvian architecture firm NRJA which stands for “No Rules, Just Architecture”

NRJA Designs a Two-Story Houseboat for Long Latvian Summers

rammed earth home designs | Solartec

Rammed Earth Developments :: Detailed Plans

rammed earth home designs | Rambler

Rammed Earth Developments :: Detailed Plans

The Rauch family home by Boltshauser Architekten in Austria was literally made out of the hill it sits on. Rammed Earth, when prepared correctly, insulates extremely well (better than concrete), maintains a warm, natural appearance, and can last for decades without any maintenance. If you ever had any doubts, just feast on these images and we think you’ll be looking at dirt in a whole new light.

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Rammed earth-home Love the look

Eco Homes from the Earth: 7 Ways to DIY | WebEcoist

The Rammed Earth House

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Rammed Earth House - Ramming Earth

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Passive solar rammed earth home

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Rammed earth home

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Rammed Earth Homes - Building Construction and Energy Savings

Rammed Earth Homes - Building Construction and Energy Savings

500 sq ft straw bale cottage

Down to Earth Design - natural building design projects - strawbale construction & green remodelling


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Cob Together workshops

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cob house workshops

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Cob House floorplans: English Earthbag Cottage

English Earthbag Cottage Plan

cob house with cool pantry

Spiral Dome Magic Plans