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14 Creative Ways to Use Halloween Candy

Kids consider their stash of hard-earned Halloween candy sacred, so the concept of leftover candy is a fantasy in a lot of households. Before making any of these spooky desserts, you might need to hit the post-trick-or-treat sale aisles.

6.21.15 - Dog Dads13

John Unger cradling his dog, 19 year old Schoep, in Lake Superior. The photographer, Hannah Stonehouse Hudson, said the dog "falls asleep every night when he is carried into the lake. The buoyancy of the water soothes his arthritic bones." So touching

6.21.15 - Dog Dads24

Funny pictures about Good Guy Homeless Person. Oh, and cool pics about Good Guy Homeless Person. Also, Good Guy Homeless Person.

Florabella Script (30% Off) by Seniors on Creative Market

GOT IT Florabella Typeface Florabella is a new handmade script font with an irregular baseline. Rough edges, trendy look and harmony. Florabella looks lovely on wedding invitations, thank you

Gioviale - Regular by Laura Worthington on Creative Market

Graphic designers with a lust for lettering are constantly seeking scripts balanced neatly on the sweet spot suited for exuberant editorial work and messages of cheer. Neither frivolous nor strict. My typeface, Gioviale, satisfies that need.