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Lydia and Stiles season 3- season 6 OTP

Lydia and Stiles season season 6 OTP They are so cute I love them

" Lydia you’re so smart I could kiss you right now! " " Do not kiss me! " #Stydia #TeenWolf

her face is literally sad bc stiles went for the cheek not the lips:(

teen wolf, stydia, and stiles afbeelding

oddly enough, I literally am a Lydia and I have a Stiles, I just rlly don't care.

Books are sexy #readinghumor

This is so true the only time I use my phone to read is for fanfiction when I'm not happy with the actual books ending

Perfect boys only exist in teen wolf!!!!!!!!! And Marvel and dean

Perfect boys only exist in teen wolf! And Marvel and dean and Andy I say both are right. Boys in books are great, but I think boys in teen wolf may have them beat

gif Stiles Teen Wolf TW stiles stilinski Sterek Dylan O’Brien possessed!stiles tagging sterek because of the quote

The 3 Original Boys of Teen Wolf: Dylan O'Brien & Tyler Posey & Tyler Hoechlin

The 3 Original Boys of Teen Wolf: Derek ( acteur : Tyler Hoechlin ) & Scott ( acteur : Tyler Posey ) & Stiles ( acteur : Dylan O'Brien )