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Alan Dindo- thought about this with red/pink yarn to represent muscle tissue after seeing the Body Worlds exhibit.

Tomás Saraceno, 2012

Tomás Saraceno, 14 Billions (Working Title), Elastic black rope, hooks, x x mm at SKMU Sørlandets Kunstmuseum

A Flood by Raija Jokinen

A Flood by Raija Jokinen

Jean Shin made this Chance City, 2001-09 It made of $32,404 worth of discarded "Scratch & Win" losing lottery tickets.

The idea of getting lottery tickets still attracts many people despite of all the financial .

Beautiful work by Jean Shin!

ART: TEXTile by Jean Shin In this interactive sculpture, thousands of recycled keyboard keys are embedded into a continuous textile. The keys spell out a line-by-line transcript of the email.

DIY concrete cobblestone path. Cool!

Walk path Mold at Lowe’s for 16 bucks, bag of quikcrete is 5 bucks. Add any color and DIY… done son! QUIKRETE Country Stone Walk Maker Concrete Mold Item 10415 @ Home Design Ideas. Want to do this for the side of the house