Creative Ideas for Cub Scout Den Leaders: Game for Meaning of the Pledge of Allegiance

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The Hand Salute As you will learn later on in this exhibit, the PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE to the flag was born in America's schools on Columbus ...

  Showing Respect for the Flag

thrifty flag stand from old floor lamp

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Flag Stand

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How to build a flag stand

Tod Larson: How to build a Cub Scout flag stand

We do this every meeting!

Simple Indoor Flag Ceremony

Basic Opening and Closing Flag Ceremony

Pony Express District Cub Scouts: flag ceremony

flag ceremony info for scouts.

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fun video demonstrating the "right" and the "wrong" way to do a proper flag ceremony

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Several ideas for creative flag ceremonies



Flag Ceremonies Honoring the American Flag

Flag Ceremonies

Ceremonies - Flag Retiring

USSSP: Ceremonies - Flag Retiring

Many of our kids have not been exposed to flag etiquette before their first flag ceremony, so take the time to give them some basic instruction. This is a very simple flag ceremony for Cub Scouts to use at Den and Pack meetings.

Simple Indoor Flag Ceremony

Designs By Kassie: Scouts Flag Ceremony Handout

Designs By Kassie: Scouts Flag Ceremony Handout