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Alyssa Hall

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Alyssa Hall
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Chicken Salad Recipe. There is no way to describe how good this chicken salad is – you will have to make it and see, but believe me when I say this chicken salad is delicious.

1 cup Mayo cup Sour Cream 2 T Dijon Mustard 1 T Dill Weed 2 tsp Sugar tsp White Pepper 5 tsp Lemon 3 cups chopPoached Chicken 1 cup finely chopped Celery 4 T finely chop Green Onions cup Sunflower Seeds

| Sandra Lee    Just scoop the fruit into melon balls and put in a clear bowl for an irresistible presentation.

I'm still adamant on doing a fruit bar for the kids' birthday party. i was thinking that we could try this with a mellon baller and throw in strawberries/blueberries. But maybe segregated into different bowls, so it'll look more like a candy bar.

Double Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe. Another delicious-looking drop cookie!

Just made 2 batches (we ate all of the one) FYI a few tips. I mixed all the dry ing. In a separate bowl before dumping them in. I used a melon baller/ ex small ice cream scoop. The cookies will feel a little soft after No worries after removin

animal themes place names - great for a farm-to-table wedding

Spray paint plastic animal figures and use as place cards. I think this looks like a nice package. Using a pig as place card? Less nice. unless the person adores pigs.