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Year of the Horse 1978

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three horses standing next to each other with their heads touching the foreheads and looking at the camera
a black horse is standing in the water and looking at the camera with its head sticking out
the horse is labeled with numbers and names
Parts of the Horse
an info sheet describing the different types of scissors and how they are used to make them
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a blue long sleeved shirt with the words kisache wild horses on it
Kisatchie Wild Horses - Moon | Bonfire
Kisatchie Wild Horses - Moon - Help Protect Kisatchie Wild Horses. Help protect Kisatchie Wild Horses evicted by Fort Polk from the lands they have ranged for generations, with these shirts a donation...
the different horse's head shapes and their markings
Discover – Page 2 – DEC blog
an info sheet describing the different types of horses and how they can be used for them
Colic : Detect, Prevent, Learn
a white horse standing on top of a lush green field next to tall pine trees
Fairy Tales by Nature
a lightning storm hitting the top of a mountain in the night sky with clouds and sun shining down on it
My World of Colours
a man riding on the back of a brown horse through a forest filled with trees
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several horses are running in the field on a cloudy day
LIFESTYLE — Chris Gordaneer Photography