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Matoran alphabet—from Lego's Bionicle series

Matoran alphabet—from Lego's Bionicle series. Tattoo spelling out Mark?

Lion - Steve Chima                                                                                                                            Más

"A Superb example of ink illustration and line art. See how the ink lines flow and the whole piece sees harmony and peace with the Lions face! I love this piece of artwork! A lion that reminds me of Aslan with a mane with hair and flowers.

100 Beautiful Tribal Tattoos

You can choose any design from Celtic Shoulder Tattoos and have it done by an expert. Unless you have already settled on a design, you will find many options for your shoulder tattoo.


Discover the meaning behind the prayer for serenity. Read all versions of the Serenity Prayer and its History. God grant me the serenity to accept the things I .

Amazing shading - Moscow tattoo artist Pavel Angel's 3D Mayan tattoo.

Funny pictures about Ultra-Realistic Tattoo Art. Oh, and cool pics about Ultra-Realistic Tattoo Art. Also, Ultra-Realistic Tattoo Art photos.


I would not want to plagiarize this work, but I certainly can swipe some ideas from this, and I think I just might have to modify my chest piece drawings to incorporate this idea into it. Tattoo by Regino Gonzales