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glamping? not!

Extreme camping and rock climbing photographs by Gordon Wiltsie. Hanging precariously in tents off a vertical cliff face wouldn’t be most people’s idea of the perfect camping trip.

Bodrum Castle - Turkey

Crusader castle in Bodrum harbor, Turkey. Bodrum Kalesi was built by the Knights Hospitaller starting in 1402 as the Castle of St. Peter or Petronium.

#ocean #beautiful

The sea is a big part of the book. The sea is where mostly everything takes place and the old man spends most of his time. Fishing is the old mans passion and being on the sea is something that he is used to and enjoys.

Yeah, pretty much!!

So funny :-) not that I would try it! Welcome to marriage Lucille Ball sticking tongue out at Ricky behind his back old tv show Lucille Ball Show