This is need-to-pin info for all dog owners! Did you know you can use the static electricity from a blown up balloon to pick up pet hair from your couch? Go to for even more ideas on how to get your dog's fur out of anything, from furniture to carpet to clothes. This is a helpful how-to resource for anyone with a shedding pet.

Hahaha awesome "Keep Calm ...Because I'm Chuck Bass. Seriously, wish it could be this easily and solve everything as w easy as chuck lol

Dear Stitch Fix Stylist, I would love a bright, long v-neck cardigan. I have one just like this but it's well past its prime, and I recently lost one of my favorite lightweight cardigans from J. Crew in a bright plum color.

It never seems to fail. No matter how many times you organize and tidy the house, those clutter monsters have a way of coming behind you and tearing it up again. Cleaning the house can seem like a daunting and never-ending task, but you might be surprised at how little time it takes to keep it looking neat and tidy. Learn to multitask and do small things like dusting while you are on the phone. Keep reading this eBay guide to find other solutions for clearing that clutter once and for all.

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