Baby Moss-Sloth, Handmade Fantasy Creature by on @DeviantArt

Baby Moss-Sloth, Handmade Fantasy Creature by Heiditruth. Yes, it's a fake sloth. One that I could keep with me always and besides sloths don't live in North America. So There.

We all have one friend that reminds you of a baby animal... I have several that remind me of sloth babies :) @Catie @ Catie's Corner @Christie Moffatt @Alexia L

Big Noms Little Sloth

There are no words that can describe how cute this is

When life gets you down you can always rely on sloths to keep you going. Dont you wish you could be hugged by this little guy?

Es imposible no querer uno. Un adorable bebe peresozo.

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Join us for a SPECIAL on SLOTH TV for International Sloth day! October 17, 2015 with two showtimes: 8:30 - 9:30 a.m. & 2:00 - 3:00 p.m. (Costa Rica time)! Watch as baby sloths are fed and you'll see baby Bella (pictured above) as a much bigger sloth!

My ultimate life goal would be to one day volunteer in Costa Rica at a Sloth Sanctuary and look after these truly beautiful animals


My dream is to pick up a baby sloth and hug it and kiss it and snuggle with it and love it. My dream is to be a sloth holding a sloth holding a kitten

This is so aimed to my friend she obsessed with them love this photo so funny I would so have one as a pet

A Resident Baby Sloth of: "Aviarios Del Caribe" (A Sloth Sancturary) in Costa Rica. A Baby Sloth Cuddles up With His Teddy Bear.