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Tattoos - Harry Potter

Tattoos - Harry Potter

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Accio Tattoo 100 Harry Potter Tattoos photo We've Got You Covered's photos

Accio Tattoo! 100 Harry Potter Tattoos

Obliviate. Harry Potter tattoo.

harry potter tattoo

Harry Potter tattoo

golden snitch tatoo

Potter Tattoo, Tattoo Hp, Hp Tattoo

dream catcher. harry potter.

  • Jenan Badawi
    Jenan Badawi

    Damn. This was totally what I wanted to do.

Tattoo Hp, Harry Potter, Potter Addict

This is my first tattoo! Growing up with Harry Potter, I desperately wished that I could have magic and go to Hogwarts, which Im sure most fans can relate to. Even though I am sadly a muggle, I am going into science and have realized that science and all that it can do has made magic real for me. Thus the spell aguamenti" with the water molecule (my favorite compound). I got it done by Chaz at Anchors End in Hudson, WI.

And this is it. Ive been thinking about my first tatto for ages, and now here it is.  Perfect and beautiful.  The font is the one used in the book ;)

I have a few tattoos that I may regret one day, but this one wont be among them.

Tattoo I got today for my 20th birthday. On my right shoulder, I have Rowena Ravenclaws wise words wit beyond measure is mans greatest treasure." As a Ravenclaw, I live by these words. Im in love with my new tattoo.

Freshly done today, 7/14/2013. In the first book, one of the trials to get to the Sorcerers Stone is having to find the flying key to open the door. In life there are doors, you just need to catch the right key that opens them. This means so much to me, now that I’m changing and getting ready for something new. And Alohomora is the spell that unlocks doors. It took just under three hours, and it fucking hurt. But it’s is beautiful and such a smart decision. My tumblr is julieloses150. Im a weightloss blogger, so feel free to drop by any time. :) PS: Tattoo done by Nick Rose at Exposed Temptation in Virginia.

I asked my tattoo artist to draw this up for me. I wanted her to draw a lost owl, still searching for the person he was suppose to give the special letter to. I titled it Lilys Lost Letter.."

Dustin Sheldon Harry Potter Re-Cover

favorite ever. and worth the pain.

This is my kind-of-harry potter related tattoo. It’s from the Beadle of the Bard book J.K Rowling published. :)

concept art for Leaky Cauldron

Deathly Hallows.

captured Snitch!!!!!!!

harry potter

my tattoo!

Owl Post Seal BW photo by Viurre | Photobucket

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Owl post "stamps" for the invitations

Harry Potter coloring page