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Life With 4 Boys: 20 Camping Recipes That Will Make Your Mouth Water

Do you have any plans for Father's Day yet? Do you usually help your little ones make or do something for dad?

Father's Day gift idea with a FREE printable! LOVE this!

FREE Fathers Day template to make a FREE Fathers Day book! So cute!

Giada's Quick, Creamy Mushroom Pasta is a weeknight favorite, as it's made with only a handful of ingredients.

Love John Tesh! Fish oil is the only supplement proven to melt belly fat, fight depression, ease achy joints, protect your heart, and even stave off the effects of aging. You should take one gram a day.

Mr. rogers gets it

Mr. rogers gets it

DUH!!!!! Why didn't I think of that?! Put aluminum foil in a bowl, pour the grease in. When it hardens, roll up the foil and throw it out!

I need this for my bathroom. Wish I knew where to buy it.

Viking Sunstone found in ship wreckage! Calcite crystals like Icelandic Spar create a double image, splitting light into two rays. If the crystal is held east-west, the double image becomes a single image and thus allows a sailor to locate the sun. The crystal's refractive qualities continue to be useful even in low light, on a cloudy day, or for a while after the sun has set.

Elbaite (Tourmaline) / Minas Gerais, Brazil

Aesthetic and lustrous cluster of crystals of intense yellow wulfenite crystals on matrix (size up to 1.2 cm) with vivid green mimetite. Big wulfnite crystals.

Tyntesfield ~ Victorian country house and grounds (Wraxall, North Somerset)