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Fox Stack Painting Print - Fox Art, Wall art, animal stack, fennec, bat-eared…● LL.

Fall fox

Meet Juniper, The Pet Fox Who’s Basically An Orange Dog//BoredPanda andrew raynor new hampshire

Darwin’s fox is critically endangered, due to its small numbers, with just two known populations. Greatest threat to survival on the mainland is the presence of unleashed dogs in Nahuelbuta National Park, which may attack the foxes & have the potential to transmit diseases. Despite dogs being prohibited from the park. The larger island population appears safer, with Chiloé National Park encompassing most of the still untouched rainforest of the island & containing a sizable fox population.

"Darwin’s fox or Darwin’s Zorro is a small CRITICALLY endangered canine from the genus Lycalopex. It is also known as the Zorro Chilote or Zorro de Darwin in Spanish and lives on Chiloé Island and Nahuelbuta National Park in mainland Chile.