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20 Shocking Facts About Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez is awesome in pretty much every way possible. Check out these Selena Gomez facts that you need to know. If you ARE a Selena fan, then you b.


"I hope you find someone who really deserves you as much as you deserve them.

You have to BELIEVE!/ @allLove2

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I fucking lost my pencil sharpener and now I can't draw cause all my pencils suck and it's not like I even need a pencil sharpener like I've literally sharpened pencils with my teeth when I'm desperate but I needed that sharpener and it tore out my heart

So true!

XD Seriously *Pins to the wrong board* Dang it! Whelp, I'm too lazy to cuz it so.*pins to the correct board and moves on*

You Are GOOD enough, SMART enough, BEAUTIFUL enough and STRONG enough. Believe it and never let insecurity run your life.

this is for you baby girl. Remind yourself of this each and every day. I am so proud to be your momma. You are good enough, smart, beautiful and strong enough. You are simply amazing.