#How to break in new heels: try walking around in them while wearing slightly damp socks - will soften them and stretch them out. Use a small piece of sandpaper (medium coarse) to scuff up the bottom of the shoe - will help prevent slipperiness. Place moleskin on painful areas of foot & soak feet - it will expand and stretch out that area in the shoe. Put a large potato in the shoe overnight to stretch it out. Use hairdryer to soften it then bend shoe about to loosen it up.

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One of my personal favorite looks: Purple and black smokey eye, which complements green eyes wonderfully. It's also very alluring and mysterious.

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French Tip Bridal Nails- We put together the most elegant, glamorous, chic and fun nail art to showcase your engagement ring. #nails #nailart #nailpolish #bridal #bride #bridesmaids #pink #grey

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