If Disney Princesses were Anime Characters. My fav are Mulan and Jasmine. (by mari945)

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This is Mimi and she is She is the Queen of Light and she is very nice but she doesn't like being told what to do

Las princesas disney dibujadas en modo anime son simplemente preciosas | Fusion Freak

Meet talented and skilled Maryam Safdar, a old Pakistani artist who creates portraits of female Disney characters in anime style. Enjoy her great talent and visit your favorite Disney Princesses once more!

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Jack Frost and Elsa wear down Loki. THIS IS ADORABLE. Although, I ship Jelsa so this does not imply that they are siblings,I am taking it as daycare for ice powered individuals and Loki is in charge.

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The little mermaid came out when I was but I do remember loving this movie as a kid. I still do to this day and I'm a frozen junkie mind you ;

Dark Elsa.....0.O I love it<--- THIS IS THE REASON I WILL SHIP LOKI AND ELSA....

Frozen Asgardians (a Loki and Elsa fan fic- completed) - Thanks for reading!