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The 21 Best Songs To Get Ready For A Big Night Out To

I firmly believe that there is one factor that is necessary for every woman in order to take the mundane "getting ready to go out" experience from just another part of your day to a borderline life-changing experience. And no, I'm not talking about S

Amal Alamuddin Clooney outside her hotel in New York City - See more of her best looks on ELLE

Amal Alamuddin Fashion - Amal Clooney's Most Stunning Looks - March 2014 - Rocking a zip-up moto jacket and brightly printed pants with black-and-white oxford shoes, Amal made traffic stop in this edgy look while on a pre-engagement trip to New York City.

The brows are crucial when it comes to looking more youthful. Here are three ways your brows could be aging you, and some solutions to make sure your mug stays out of granny territory.

Take good care of those eye brows, ladies! Your brows could actually make you look older than you really are.