If you are beginning sewer (like me) you can only make so many baby blankets and pillow cases before you have to move onto something a little more exciting! A great place to start is with a maxi sk...

5 Maxi Skirt Tutorials for Beginning Sewers 5 Easy Maxi Skirt Tutorials for Beginners! this looks like it would be fun to create my own perfect maxi!

This website has tips and tutorials for altering all kinds of clothes from pants to polos and dresses.

Skinny Jean Refashion (Tutorial)

diy clothes hacks: no sew diy maxi skirt in 3min

NO SEW DIY Maxi Skirt in 3min

diy clothes hacks: no sew diy maxi skirt in so cute! although I would add a waist band and hem the bottom as I do sew.


Easiest Jersey Maxi Skirt Tutorial!

Easy maxi skirt tutorial - this one uses viscose elastase mix material ( little less stretchy than shirt)

Coral Maxi Chevron with White Band

Make Your Own Maxi - Page 2 of 2

Make Your Own Maxi - PinkWhen - DIY, Tutorials, Crafts, and Recipes With a Subtle Southern Twist

Craft Supplies & Tools – Etsy SE

3 Yard Quilting Scrap Bag by Weight - Bolt Ends - Fat Quarters FQ - Scrappy Quilt - 1 Pound of Fabric Scraps You will receive 1 pound or

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