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8 types of #mindful attitudes...Read article for #quotes on #mindfullness

Developing Mindfulness Attitude

8 Mindful Attitudes : Non-Judging Patience Beginner’s Mind Trust Non-striving Acceptance Letting Go Generosity Related Quote : With our thoughts we create the world ~ Attributed to Gotama, the Buddha shares

Picture of Olexandra Salo, Hlynske, Ukraine, holding cabbage in a field. National Geographic Feeding the World

artamanen: “ Olexandra Salo with her cabbage near Lviv, Ukraine. (source) Farmer Olexandra Salo was very happy with her cabbage crop when I visited her farm in Ukraine. Potatoes and cabbage are two of.

This random acts of kindness Christmas calendar was created just for kids. They're all acts of kindness that kids can do on their own.

Random Acts of Kindness Christmas Calendar for Kids. Great idea starters for daily service leading up to Christmas and all the year through.

When you are down...make these lists...

56 Lists To Make When You Are Feeling Down + Workbook

It's time to make the expression of gratitude part of every day. Join me and take the gratitude challenge—count 7 blessings a day the rest of the year.

How to Change Your Life 7 Blessings a Day

Gratitude on Counting My Blessings — It was Rev was out making calls with an elder of our church as part of his seminary assignments.

The True Relationship Between Gratitude and Happiness - David Steindl-Rast

The True Relationship Between Gratitude and Happiness - David Steindl-Rast - Happify Daily

You are Amazing!! (That is all. Go back to whatever you were doing before I jumped in…)


This story says "You are amazing! Go back to whatever you were doing before I jumped in.)" * Double matted print (white with black inset) * Size: x matted View all New Brian A

These Temporary Tattoos Act As Positive Reminders For Anxiety Sufferers

Tattoo Set, Tiny Tattoo, Tattoos For Anxiety, Mental Illness Tattoo, Depression Tattoo, Recovery Tattoo, Temporary Tattoos, Tattoo Artists, Cartilage Piercing Care

INFOGRAPHIC: Why Compassion Matters

Psychology infographic and charts What inspires us to act with kindness, and why does it matter when it comes to o. Infographic Description What inspires

5 Questions to Help You Find Your Purpose in Life

Having a direction and an overarching meaning in life helps buffer you against setbacks and increases your chances for a longer life. Here are five essential questions to help you get there.