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    Art Projects & Ideas: 3-D Sculpture

    Art Projects & Ideas: 3-D Sculpture

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    Beautiful DIY Heart Dreamcatcher

    Heart of Hope Dreamcatcher

    hyper-colorful paper plate flowers

    Hyper Colorful Painted Paper Plate Flowers!

    TP Roll Owl - these are so super simple and fun to make. We call these doodle owls.. as you get to just doodle all over them. Make one. Make many! Maybe even fill with some little owl treats!

    Doodle Owls - Red Ted Art's Blog

    ART with Mrs. Smith: Van Gogh Chair - 3D

    Van Gogh Chair - 3D

    Fun Paper Mache Craft

    Sweet Summer Paper Craft - Hand Made Kids Art

    4th or 5th make wire art with kids. cool idea.

    House InsideOut: Getting Ready for Gift Shows

    Plastic bottle sun catcher cut bottom off, cut strips and roll them ... hang.

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    Sticky back tiles from Home Depot. (Great Idea!) There's a Dragon in my Art Room: Yarn painting, Huichol style for kids

    There's a Dragon in my Art Room: Yarn painting, Huichol style for kids

    Paper Bag Bird Nest - easy add on for toddler bird crafts - Happy Hooligans

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    The Colorful Art Palette: Week 11 - Pictures, Pictures, and More Pictures...

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    These simple toilet paper/paper towel roll animals are fun for kids and make for some cute shelf decor!

    Paper Roll Animals - Frugal Fun For Boys

    Cardboard sculptures - not only a cool art project, but also a little bit of engineering going on there

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    Easy Kids art project- Make Calder-Inspired paper sculptures

    Calder-Inspired Sculptures

    Crafts For Kids, Necklace Pin Png 346 654, Christmas Crafts, Schools, Necklace Crafts, Kidscrafts Funactivit, Necklaces Crafts, Unique Necklaces, 30 Unique

    30 Unique Necklace Crafts for Kids - Buggy and Buddy

    With projects like this DIY Shampoo Bottle Sailboats, you get to be creative AND help the environment for a brighter future. Inspired by UnileverUSA :) #partner

    Reimagine That | Sustainable Living | Unilever brightFuture USA

    Paper Bag Tepees-Native American Art/Symbols-1st Grade-Art with Mr. Giannetto

    Art with Mr. Giannetto

    6 super creative uses for recycled toilet paper rolls. Get inspired with these cool crafty ideas.

    6 Things to do with Toilet Paper Rolls

    Gestures sketches of our classmates influenced by the artist Alberto Giacometti. Create foil statues

    • Melissa Rajani
      Melissa Rajani

      Angelique Molloy

    • Angelique Molloy
      Angelique Molloy

      Melissa Rajani super cool idea! :)

    DIY Cut Out City From Cardboard


    Great Horned Owl Paper Bag Puppets. Owl craft for kids.

    Great Horned Owl Paper Bag Puppets - Frugal Fun For Boys

    yarn painting

    Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery

    Paper sculpture example- Origami Whales with boat in 3D ocean- elementary art

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    Old watercolor tray, paint and Model Magic. Art Projects for Kids: Mr. Model Skeleton Tutorial. Soooo doing this next year! :) Day of the Dead???

    Mr. Model Skeleton | Art Projects for Kids

    ART: wire portraits

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    Thaumatrope How-To The thaumatrope starts as three pieces: two disks, each with a simple image, and a 16-inch-long, 3/16-inch dowel for a handle. Make color photocopies of the bird and cage or fish and bowl pictures on card stock, enlarging them to be about 4 inches across, and cut out. If you'd rather make your own, create a simple pair of related images on two card-stock disks that line up when held back to back. Glue the dowel to the back of one disk so that it runs right down the center ...

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