Another version of self portraits

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Preschool Picassos - Shape Art Project - from Play to Learn Preschool

Play to Learn Preschool: Preschool Picassos

Invitation To Create: Cupcake Factory. Open ended creative craft for kids. Great for color recognition & fine motor development. Perfect for toddlers and preschoolers.

Invitation to Create: Cupcake Factory

Artista: MONDRIAN, Piet ------------ Primary Color collages (done with kindergarten)

mrspicasso's art room: March 2010

How to fold origami faces with kids- fun craft and art project, step-by-step tutorial included (with video)

Make Origami Faces

Le DADA de l'Enfant Terrible: Art face

Le DADA de l'Enfant Terrible: Art face

Make a mini notebook from any sheet of paper!

How To Maximise Your Used Paper |

Easy 12x12 paper accordion book Tutorial. I keep forgetting how to do this and have to waste a sheet of paper to re-remember it.

October Afternoon: Accordion Book Tutorial

How to make an accordion book. This could be really fun for students! So many classroom applications.

How to Make an Accordion Book



Drip, Drip, Splatter Splash: Matisse Cutouts 1st grade elementary art project idea

Drip, Drip, Splatter Splash: Matisse Cutouts

Positive and negative space. Great directions and tips to make sure they come out beautiful

Arts & Activities

A great way to show symmetry and art together!

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Freedom Quilts based on The Patchwork Path: A Quilt Map to Freedom by Bettye Stroud. Paper Collage.


Valentines day Hanging hearts! Super easy! (aside from cutting all the strips of paper, Nothing a little paper cutter can't handle!)

Saifou images | SaiFou

Valentine heart design with rotational and line symmetry...nice!

Mini Matisse: I'm in LOVE with notans...

Shape Collage

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Picasso-inspired guitar collages

Kindergarten Picasso Inspired Guitar Collages - Meri Cherry

Celtic Knot St. Patrick's Day art project

March Art Activities - Art with Jenny K.

Learn about molas from the Kuna people in Panama with this molas lesson with information, discussion questions, resources, and lesson ideas.

Art Around the World in 30 Days - Day #23 - Panama Molas - The Art Curator for Kids

Winter Snowflakes Made from Newspaper (and step-by-step directions for the best way to cut out paper snowflakes!) ~Buggy and Buddy

Cut Out Snowflakes from Newspaper - Buggy and Buddy

Kindergarten: Do this as a center. Christmas tree paper strips

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Aimée Boumiea

winter landscapes - covers foreground, middle ground, high ground expectation - love this. very detailed 'how to' from Dali's Moustache

Dali's Moustache: winter landscapes

Kindergarten Geometric Shape Collages

Earl Warren Arts: Kindergarten

The Artsy Fartsy Art Room: Stylized Food Chains with 5th Grade

Stylized Food Chains with 5th Grade